Mala vita, mali mores;;
A wicked life, wicked character;


fake foods ,Shinjuku

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Petting his head gently the fox shut her eyes enjoying the warmth of her friend he was sweet.Her ear twitched hearing his stomach to which she giggled loosening her grip “you can have sweets now if you want” shifting her tail over the fox grabbed the basket smiling.

Isaac beamed at the tasty treats reaching for them “yum which ones will i eat first?” he grabbed a cookie and nibbled on it slowly “this probably the best cookie in the UNIVERSE!!” he exclaimed flailing his arms in the air.”you’re the best” he smiled before taking another bite of the cookie.

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Aoi too reaches for a menu, slender digits winding around the laminated paper carefully as he bowed his head to read through it. Red glasses slid down the length of his small nose, his lips puckering and thinning as he contemplated what he wished to order. The boys head lifted as he set the menu down, smoothing his hands over top of it. “I suppose i’ll have a piece of strawberry cheese cake and a mug of black tea, light on the sugar, please.”

Golden optics skimmed over the boys face once more, he was the type of person who made others uncomfortable often. He tended to search faces a lot, to see what he could find there, to find each unique feature, whether it be good or bad. He also tended to hold eye contact quite often, it made him uncomfortable if others avoided his gaze, as though they had something to hide from him. As a child he had no friends so he had watched people a lot, in that he had grown good at reading others. He could sense and see the nervousness on the boys face, but he would keep it to himself. 

Isaac absent mindlessly leaned across the table to brush a loose strand of hair from Aoi’s sweet face. “they have the best cake here i think you are really going to like it” he slid further in his seat clasping his hands behind is head “i come here everyday after work”

he only sat back up when the waiter came back with their cakes and beverages licking his lips he took a bit of his German chocolate cake. “mmmmm delicious want a taste?” he chirped offering Aoi a fork full of cake.


(Strawberry Cheesecake Profiteroles)
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Shutting her eyes the fox hugged him leaning down a bit since he was on his knees.Some of her hair slipped over her shoulder as a soft giggle escaped her “yes it has,I missed you” Serina misses all her friends that she can’t see.

They stayed there for a while just hugging and it felt great it had been forever since he had a good hug. Isaacs stomach growled loudly ruining the bliss of happiness he felt. “shh tummy,” he whispered “we are having a moment and your opinion is unwanted.”

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"Ah, i see, that makes more sense, i suppose i feel slightly less offended now." He paused, a small smile curling along the corners of his lips. "I ended up with an odd mixture of genes in my family, i have 10 brothers and sisters, and i don’t look anything like any of them. At least, not noticeably, some features here and there match up." A shrug of delicate shoulders, "I’m the shortest one on my family too."

Honey optics widened once more, surprised by the boys openness toward him, after only knowing for 10 minutes at most. “R-Really..? I’m..I’m sorry..” He stated awkwardly, letting his hand slide across the table, he considering grabbing the boys hand but he presumed it would be too intimate coming from a stranger and let his hand stop where it was.

Isaac springs back to life and reaches for the menu skimming through it even though he already had it memorized “is this your first time being here?” he chirped curiously before handing the menu over to the golden eyed beauty sitting across the booth.

he was staring in a trance hums his only response to the boys words until a deep voice greeted him like family over for dinner ‘Isaac? what a surprise Hazel isn’t here shouldn’t you be in school?’ snapping his neck quickly to the side to greet him back he spoke quietly “oh uh yes nice to see you too i skipped school today so you know for shame on me…. i’ll have the usual please,” he glanced at Aoi as he ordered too before looking down at his shaky digits gripping each other tight and smiled. why was he so nervous?






so my family went to the tulip fields and my little sister didn’t have a good time at all


it is the chosen one

it must be the main character in the anime

It got funnier when I realized just how many tulips are in this picture.

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A pout formed on the shorter males lip’s, “I’m not old, how old are you to be calling me old?” He inquired, his honey hues narrowing beneath a thick layer of pale lashes, “What does my age have to do with being cute? That doesn’t even make sense.” He commented, confused by this blond boy already, he was quite peculiar in only the short amount of time they had known one another, he couldn’t imagine what the boy would be like upon knowing him better.

Aoi followed close after the boy, his gaze wandering around the small and warm cafe, he liked this sort of small shop, he favored them far more than franchise businesses such a starbucks.

" well no it was more of a how are you short and 19 thing or rather how are you 19 i mean you look about my age. i’m 16 by the way." he flops into the booth and lays his head down on the cold familiar table with a sigh.

"i’m 16 and i should be in school and i shouldn’t be a prostitute and honestly i hate my life but today i feel good so i’m here with a stranger having cake instead of dealing with life."

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He was being too adorable that way it made her want to give the kid the sweets but he was being bad.Wrapping her tail around the basket she held out her arms “you can have the basket if you give your friend a hug..it’s been awhile ya know.” Serina smiled standing there.


Isaac beams at the foxes request and wraps his slender arms around her waist still on his knees and leans his head against her upper abdomen. honestly he wasn’t much of a hugger but for Serina he would do anything if she asked. “it has been a while hasn’t it ” he mumbled.



Come, sit down.

his eyes say ‘bedroom’, but his hands say ‘hospital’